22 12 2008

Thanks for stopping by the Official Lord Save Us Blog. Here you’ll find the latest Lord Save Us News and personal updates from the movie director and chief architect Mr. Dan Merchant. If you’re looking for information about the book, or the movie, mosey your way over to the about section.  For our upcoming events go here. Finally, if you’re looking for news articles about our movie, we’ve got a list of them here. Otherwise, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show (preview below).




One response

31 10 2014
Traci Rowland

Dan, your film helps me to be a better follower of Christ. I watch it often to restore my hope. I’m transgendered, so I’m cut off from the church to begin with and was disowned by my family so I’m separated from them too. Then I look around me, and I see this us vs. them mentality everywhere it seems, and I feel cut off from my more conservative brothers and sisters because I’m a liberal, and I just feel like I need that contact to grow. So much division. It’s incredibly disheartening, but your film restores hope and encourages me to keep loving.



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