Welcome to 2009

2 01 2009

Welcome to 2009

The theatrical poster for Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

The theatrical poster for Lord, Save Us From Your Followers




Well, here it is, I greet this New Year by typing my first words in the blogosphere.  So far this seems about the same as typing the words for an e-mail or book or screenplay and yet I do sense this is different some how.  I’m a tad embarrassed to be joining the Blog Party so late.  What self-respecting published author doesn’t have a blog?  What kind of guerilla marketing indie film director doesn’t use the Web to share his vision and spread the word about his latest project?  Now, in my case the project in question is Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, the acclaimed and controversial (yeah, there actually are some naysayers, so I kinda feel validated in a weird way – hah) documentary film. 


Blog protocol now guides me to share some kind of an update on said project that can only be found on the director’s blog (so far so good?).  At present we are in a number of discussions with distributors, large and small, to finally release a deluxe DVD version of the Lord, Save Us From Your Followers.  When you have to whittle 100 hours of footage into 100 minutes of movie, there are some excellent bonus features.  After two previous deals have gone sideways and left the movie in limbo, we’re excited to be close to getting the film out to the marketplace.  You can imagine my agony after watching Expelled and Religulous come and go.  2008 turns out to be the year of the religious documentary, ours in the only one that actually starts a conversation and we can’t get a wide release, but, God has some kind of plan (wish he’d let me in on it) and I am just trying to keep marching and spread this important conversation (so thanks for spreading the word on this here blog-o-mater).


The Lord, Save Us… companion book has been out in stores for several months and I am thrilled the book has been nominated by Outreach magazine for a Resource of the Year award.  Every week I see a new blogger comment on the book, so it’s cool that the book continues to chug along and am sure when the movie is finally released many more folks will discover the book.  By the way it’s available in stores everywhere, Amazon.com and our website, www.lordsaveusthemovie.com.  My wife jokes that, “If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book.”  My friend Simon Swart at Fox Home Entertainment likes the book better because “you really get to know the people”.  I tease him it’s because he read the book first and everyone knows if you read the book first you never like the movie as much.  Hah.


What else…we are in the midst of booking at Spring Tour where I’ll be screening the movie and leading a Q & A session afterwards.  I’ve done a dozen or so college events and metric tons of church events and the conversation that follows the viewing of Lord, Save Us… is so gratifying, challenging and constructive that I can’t wait to get back on the road.  The film really seems to meet people where they are at so the range of conversation is broad and always manages to be relevant.  For some of the events I’ll be joined by a terrific author Matthew Paul Turner (“churched”) and awesome Nashville musician Scott Phillips, so if you’d like to invite the Lord, Save Us Tour to your school or church or theater or clubhouse or backyard, visit www.lordsaveusthetour.com or e-mail me at dan@lordsaveus.net.


Lastly, and this is the most asked question, “Where can I get the movie?”  Well, while we’re finalizing our distribution deal, we’ve decided to sell the “Movement Edition” of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers on our site.  This is the same version of the film that has been playing in theaters, churches and colleges around the country.  And if you’ve purchased the film at one of these events, we are finally going to sell it at www.lordsaveusthemovie.com.  On upcoming blogs I’m looking forward to sharing stories of my continuing adventures with Lord, Save Us… and new projects.  Thanks for welcoming me into the blogosphere, I’ll do my best to entertain, illuminate, provoke and cajole with a minimum of inanity, ego, verbosity and “Internet spelling”. 


Send your comments and thoughts and please let your friends know that the “idiot in that Bumper sticker suit from that movie you’ve heard about but haven’t seen because it’s not out yet” finally has a Blog.  Oh, and come be my Facebook friend and join the Lord Save Us Group on Facebook too.  Okay, is there anything else I should be doing with this stuff?  Come on Web Heads, bring me up to speed.


All the best,







11 responses

13 01 2009

Am I the first to comment? Can’t believe it.

I can’t wait to see the whole movie. I watched the preview and wish I could see the movie right now. It is so needed. The “confessions” were especially moving. I’m going to watch to see when you’re in the Long Island area and make sure to be there.

Thank you for doing this and may God bless your efforts.

14 01 2009

You are the winner! I’m ramping up for my next post – brace yourself…and thanks again!

14 01 2009

I found out about you from the http://www.internetmonk.com blog. He’s got some pretty high praise for your project. I sent the link to your site on the movie to my email list. One is my oldest daughter who is the educational director for Akaku which is local cable access channel on Maui. So if you happen to be planning a vacation there you might want to see about doing a little business/promotion. I’ll put in a good word.

21 01 2009
Scott Matthews

I too found about you and your project via the internetmonk blog and I ordered the DVD the same day. My wife and I just finished watching it and about 3/4 of the way through, I was crying like a baby.

Thank you so, so much.


12 02 2009

So far I take the prize for most unusual way of finding out about your film: I saw the title and classification on the Australian Government ratings advisory website. (PG which equals US PG-13. It has “religious and social issues” and “infrequent coarse language.”) I just had to find out about a film that got a PG rating for religious issues! Dan, you’ll recall that I’ve had trouble getting the film off the net, so today I’ve given you another small slice of royalties and bought the DVD from a local Christian bookstore. We can’t wait for the full 100hours, or at least the Tony Campolo interview. May God continue to richly bless your journey, and if you’re ever in Australia (Please!) feel free to come by our place.

17 02 2009

Awesome Steve. So glad you found the movie in Australia. PG for religious issues – interesting. Not sure if we had any course language – but my filter is a bit off there, not too offended by course language, in fact I rather enjoy it. Hah. Thanks for spreading the word about Lord, Save Us in the land Down Under. Keep your eyes peeled for the Deluxe DVD version chock full of bonus bits like Campolo and Franken.

All the best,


19 06 2009

Dan –

While I appreciate what you are trying to do, I was disappoointed in your book. Yes, we do need dialog and understanding. Christians need to show love, but they also need to show truth.

For instance, it was disconcerting that your interview with Tony Campolo that you let his claim stand that Norway donates $70 for each dollar the USA spends. That may be true of their governments, but in the USA it is not the role of government to spend money on charity. That is the role of the individual. When private giving is included, the USA is far more generous than other countries. Why didn’t you point that out?

Why didn’t you point out that in the USA the religious poor are far more generous in giving to charity that the liberals?

Why don’t you explain the fact and context that committed Christians live in, instead letting people like Campolo throw them under the bus? How could Campolo have worked to elect Obama, who is the most pro-abortion and pro-socialist president we have ever had? What could he have been thinking?

How is diminishing the wealth of our country going to help the poor?

There is issue after issue in your book where you did not represent the full picture. It was humorous and entertaiing, to be sure, but not intellectually honest.

Perhaps on your next book you could team up with someone to give an opposing point of view.

I’d love to discuss this further with you. You have my email address.

28 07 2010

Hi Dan. Thoroughly enjoyed your movie, so thank you for all your efforts to get this message across.

As a ‘non-fundamentalist’ (I hate the term liberal) I can quite happily accept that the bible is not inerrant and therefore is open to interpretation, may well have had entire passages added by people who wanted to coerce others with the fear of God and should therefore not be taken literally. So I can fully embrace your message that God loves everyone.

If, however, I was of the belief that the bible is inerrant and therefore is not to be questioned, but taken literally, I easily believe that if God is prepared to condemn sinners to hell he must hate them and so therefore it’s ok for me to do so too.

Questioning the inerrancy of the bible would have made your movie way less popular and I understand why you did that, but it also means that it is somewhat compromised in its thinking.

8 10 2013

I found your movie on Netflix and thought it terrible. In typical Christian fashion you and your movie are hypocritical.
In both your blog and in the movie you criticize Bill Maher as a plagiarist and “pot-smoking, cynical, know-it-all”. Why attack Maher? Because he doesn’t agree with your Christian belief of God? All of these descriptions can be used to depict a Christian as well, yet you reserve them for the atheist.
All Christians are plagiarists, they live by and quote a book written over 2000 years ago. They preach the same philosophies the church and its leaders have been preaching for centuries, nothing is original. No better example of plagiarism exists than religious people quoting religion.
As far as your claim of Maher as a “cynical, know-it-all,” couldn’t the same be said of extreme Christian groups? They claim to know all the non-believers and gays are bad people who are going to hell, a perfect example of cynicism and being a “know-it-all.” Perhaps you should have reserved these words for radical Christians, yet you didn’t, you used them for an atheist.
As far as the pot-smoking claim, are you implying that Christians don’t smoke pot? Plenty of Christians smoke pot. Are you implying that Maher is not to be taken seriously or less intelligent because he smokes pot? Plenty of intelligent people smoke pot. Whatever point your trying to make, you seem childish. Is this really the best argument you can make against Maher and his beliefs? It’s not, yet is the one you chose. This is certainly not the type of thing Maher would use against you. Maybe you should take up smoking so you can think of something intelligent to say.
Above I have addressed some of the reasons I believe you to be a hypocrite, my final one is this: your movie claims to be about love, yet you mean that only in the sense of love your fellow Christian. Typical. How about love and respect for those who don’t believe or those who believe in a non-Christian God? You don’t address it, instead you choose to call an atheist a “plagiarizing, pot-smoking, cynical, know-it-all.” How Christian of you. Thank goodness for people like Maher who have the intelligence and courage to stand up and speak against hypocritical religious people like you, and shame on you for making a movie that capitalizes and preys on peoples religious beliefs not because you truly want to spread the message of love, but for your own selfish monetary gain.

24 12 2015

Waiting for another AWESOME Film. This one was way over due; want another great Documentary please. Thank you for doing it!

24 12 2015

P..S. I’d like to see you do a Documentary and Interview the following Authors: Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles (2nd Book also). Losing My Religion by William Lobdell (watch his 1 hour 3 min Video) and research his “Onward Christian Soldier” and 9/19-20/2015 article in Los Angeles Times (past articles in general; he’s an excellent writer, his book was very well written and heart felt; waiting for 2nd/3rd book on him also) Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola (Green Cover), 10 Lies The Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe by J. Lee Grady, Toxic Faith by S. Arterburn, How Benny Hinn Became Our Wacky Neighbor by John Bloom; Pete Evans/Ole Anthony of Trinity Foundation in Dallas, TX. When Women Were Priest by Karen Jo Torjesen, Cages of Pain by Gordon Aeschliman, Ron Enroth. spiritual soundingboard.com has a list of books as well as other sites of why people exiting the false church.
Do a Documentary on Women and how the church treats them, been thinking about for years especially single parent women with children it’s appalling, David Wilkerson wrote an article “Troublemakers In The Church”, 6-2007 based on one woman.

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