UPDATE – Beliefnet Film Awards

19 02 2009

Beliefnet.com announced the winners of the 2009 Beliefnet Film Awards (http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Movies/Beliefnet-Film-Awards-2009/Beliefnet-Film-Awards-2009.aspx) and Lord, Save Us From Your Followers swept the documentary category winning both the Judge’s Award for Best Spiritual Documentary of 2008 and the People’s Award over Oscar nominated competition like Waltz with Bashir, Trouble the Water, U2’s “greatest concert film ever made…ever” U23D and the powerful At the Death House Door. It is an honor to be recognized alongside such compelling and excellent work and to crush them in head to head competition is even better (THAT’S A JOKE PEOPLE, RELAX).

Beliefnet.com is also running a feature called “Recovering the Gospel of Love” with an interview with me conducted last summer.


Lord, Save Us wins Best Spiritual Documentary of 2008

Lord, Save Us wins Best Spiritual Documentary of 2008




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