3 Weeks and Counting!

4 09 2009

Five years ago, Dan Merchant took a short-term mission trip to Africa. In some ways, that journey continues … and you can join in on his adventure starting three weeks from today: September 25 when Lord, Save Us From Your Followers opens in selected theaters across the country.

“When I went to Ethiopia, I saw people living in a hut who were enjoying life much more fully than the people I knew back home,” Dan says. “These people were relying on God for everything and I’m looking at them and thinking, ‘this is so weird.’”

As he returned home, Dan began to think that perhaps the “weird” happenings were actually more prevalent in our land of plenty. Like all of us, he would hear Christians tearing down the thoughts and actions of non-believers … all in the name of Christianity.

That’s when Dan had one of those life-changing “a-ha” moments. He decided he would make a movie that would answer the question: “Why is the Gospel of love dividing America?”

The results are Lord, Save Us and you you can help us celebrate the three-week countdown by watching the trailer … and then sharing it with a friend. You can also make plans now to be in a theater showing Lord, Save Us on September 25.

It’s asking a lot, we know … but at least we’re not asking you to go to Ethiopia!




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