Someone IS Watching

10 09 2009

I have been richly blessed (not to sound too Christian about it) to receive so many encouraging letters (remember those?!?), emails, and Facebook messages in recent days. The road to create and now, finally, to release Lord, Save Us From Your Followers has been the most difficult and rewarding adventure I’ve ever been on.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks as the film is released into theaters and entire communities will have a chance to join the conversation. I feel it’s about time we all took a breath and tried out the conversation, with people who believe like us and people who don’t, people who agree with us, and people who don’t. I have been so rewarded to enter into such conversations while boldly trusting in God’s truth and grace—and depending on the conversation, that may be your only way in and your only way out!

A recent note from a well-wisher generously shared that Lord, Save Us reminded her of Psalm 37:3. The next day I was driving to my production office thinking of this reference … and I couldn’t remember the verse! All I could come up with was, “Something, something and do good.” Dang. What was it? “Love God and do good?” No. “Praise God and do good?” No.

As I struggled to reclaim the verse from my short-term memory, my car turned the corner and came upon a church reader board. Want to guess what it read? “Psalm 37:3—Trust God and Do Good.” No, I’m not kidding. Weird, huh?

I laughed out loud, and for the umpteenth time on this journey I felt God wink at me. I wonder what He’s going to do with this movie when it hits theaters on September 25?

I guess we’ll find out together.




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