Original Road Trip

11 09 2009

Dan is in the midst of a couple of weeks on the road in anticipation of the opening of Lord, Save Us in theaters two weeks from today! We will hear his reflections as he travels, but for today, take a look back at a conversation he had when he was touring the country making the movie.

Cody was not the kind of cat I expected to meet in Waxahatchie, Texas. In his mid-twenties, long blond hair, loose beard, kind eyes, he was so laid back I almost fell asleep talking with him.

DAN: How did the universe begin?
CODY: Evolution. I believe in that theory. Little stuff here and there all combined to make us.
DAN: Where will you go when you die?
CODY: I do believe in reincarnation. You choose what you want to come back as or you just float forever in peace.
DAN: Name something Jesus is known for.
CODY: He died for all of us, up on that cross, getting brutalized … it was just wrong.
DAN: Name something Christians are known for.
CODY: Unyielding faith.
DAN: If Jesus came back today would He vote Republican or Democrat?
CODY: (laughs) I think He’d be peaceful too. I think He’d just groove. He’d just look around and say, “Dang it man.”

Excerpt from “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers” by Dan Merchant
© 2008 Dan Merchant, Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers




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