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21 09 2009

There is a little movie coming to theaters THIS FRIDAY! We can’t tell you how excited we are for the movie to finally open. But we’ll try: We’re really, really, really excited that the film is opening in these cities this Friday:

  • Atlanta
  • Birmingham
  • Houston
  • Nashville
  • Portland
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle

Check out what people are saying about the film:

Old friend Tom Krattenmaker posts eloquently about Lord, Save Us From Your Followers over at his blog. Among his thoughts is this glowing endorsement:

“Even though Dan and I come from different theological perspectives—Dan is a evangelical, albeit a mavericky one, and I’m way more on the theologically liberal side of town—I endorse his message wholeheartedly. To sum up that message, this country needs to get out of our culture war trenches, and we need to stop using Christianity as a weapon.”

Abe Levy had a piece this weekend in the San Antonio Express-News. In it, he quotes Nils Smith, student minister at Trinity Baptist Church:

“It was a challenge to all Christians to think about how we interact and who we come in contact with,” Smith said. “The core of the movie is really how to begin to grasp what it means to love each other and our neighbor, just as Jesus spoke about.”

If you’re in one of the towns where the film is opening, let us know what you’re doing to get the word out. Let’s get this conversation started!




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