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24 09 2009

Lots going on less than 24 hours before Lord, Save Us From Your Followers opens in cities across the country.

Mike Roe writes on the Southern California Public Radio blog:
“I had the chance to see an advance screening on Monday and thought it was funny, with some moving scenes as it heads into the second half of the film. The movie takes its shots at both the conservative and liberal sides of American culture. It follows filmmaker Dan Merchant, traveling the country and putting himself front and center like a calmer, gentler Michael Moore.”
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There’s a strong review at by Larry Bridgesmith that reads in part:
” Walking through cities and towns across America, Merchant wore a silly suit plastered with bumper stickers and icons, slogans of faith and anti-faith. He simply asked people to choose their favorite slogan or icon while the camera rolled. Some like the fish, some liked the Darwin inside the fish. Some liked the fish eating the Darwin in a fish. Most couldn’t figure what Merchant wanted, was selling or stood for. But a significant amount of conversation was stimulated. The dialogue that has been captured is riveting, convicting and shameful. The shame is that as Christians it is frightening to hear what unbelievers, former believers and yet to be believers think of Christians. Not Jesus, but Christians. Jesus comes off wonderfully well in the movie. His followers don’t.”
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Marcia Graham, editor of writes in her review:
“This humorous yet thoughtful documentary asks all the right questions about why Christ-followers act the way they do, while remaining astoundingly balanced and respectful to those on both sides of the argument.”
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Brian Q. Newcomb’s review at includes this line:
“These ‘anonymous’ persons sharing their off-the-cuff views and thoughts on Christianity and Christ’s church are quite eye-opening to say the least.”
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And if you’re eyes are getting tired of reading after looking at these reviews, you can give them a rest by watching Lord Save Us starting tomorrow at these theaters!




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