The Climb

25 09 2009

I have never climbed a mountain. I grew up within a hour of Mt. Ranier in Washington state (14,000 plus feet) and now live within an hour of Mt. Hood in Oregon (11,000 plus feet). Oh sure, a casual hike now and then is fine, but climbing to the peak to stick your flag in the snow takes commitment.
Dan in the City

While I have never climbed a mountain, I can tell you what it’s like. After all, I’ve been climbing this rugged indie mountain of a movie we call Lord, Save Us From Your Followers for more than four years now.

As you can imagine, climbing this mountain has looked like a foolhardy endeavor to many.

“It’s too tall,” cried some. “You aren’t an experienced enough climber,” cautioned others. “You’ll never make it back alive,” some worried. “What’s the point anyway?” wondered some.

I can only imagine what a mountain climber thinks as he admires the towering peak at the outset of his ascent. For me, I was egged on by a voice, let’s call it God, who said, “Come on up, I want to show you something.” And thus the climb begins.

Now having God invite you to scale such a mountain is an interesting proposition because He’s fat on concept and skinny on details. He could’ve said, “Those shoes won’t work on the glaciers.” Or, “You’re going to need more than a day pack you moron.” Or, “Turn back now before I have to call Mountain Rescue.”

But no, God just let’s you climb, occasionally urging, “A little further.” Of course, there were times where He probably was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear Him over my own babbling, “Show me what? What did you want to show me? How much further? Are you sure it’s on this mountain? Seriously, what is up here? Should I take the East Loop or cross the ice fields?”

At some point along the climb I learned a little bit about being still and listening. At other times I would feel a tug, a change in the wind, which would direct me to a new and surprising pathway. Mostly, I began to admire the view. As hard as the climb was the more I trusted, the clearer the route became.

Today, I pause to look back with a new appreciation for how far this journey has taken me, how fresh the air is, and how strong I have become through the taxing climb. To be honest, I’ve seen so many wonderful, challenging, illuminating things that I find myself wondering WHICH things God wanted me to climb up to see. Or maybe I’m not even to the peak yet and He is still waiting for me to scale the summit to find out.

Lord Save Us opens in seven cities today, another seven or so next Friday (October 2), and it expands further still on October 9. Will people come out to the theater? I don’t know. I hope so. Will they like it? I expect they will. Will it move hearts and expand conversation? I believe it will. Have I reached the summit and am preparing to place my flag in the snow? No.

This whole climb has been beyond my expectations and imagination. I don’t dare start limiting what God wants to show me.




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