Extending the Impact

26 09 2009

We are hearing from a lot of you about wanting Lord, Save Us From Your Followers to play in your town! The great thing about this independent film is that we can help you make that happen!

LSU Theater Poster iconThere are different ways you can ensure that Lord, Save Us will come to a theater near you.

Guaranteed Ticket Purchases
If your church, organization, or business can purchase between 750-1,000 in advance, we will be able to book a theater. Knowing they will have a hot movie on their hands is always a good selling point for theaters!

How does this work? In some cities, individual churches have purchased all of the tickets for the first weekend. In other places, several churches have joined together, with each purchasing 200- 250 tickets to ensure a successful opening weekend.

Once the tickets have been purchased, you can resell them to recapture your cost. Some churches are encouraging members to buy tickets both for themselves and for friends who don’t go to church. It’s a great opportunity, as the movies says, for the discussion to start now!

Become the Local Promoter
For a $2,500 investment, you can become the local promoter of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. This is happening in Cody, Wyoming, where a person contacted a local theater to make sure the film could play there. Once they had a theater in place, they were on their way.

Combined with a viable theater, the $2,500 fee ensures the movie opens in your town. Your job is then to get the word out around town. With your investment, your local theater receives the film print, and you get posters, a newspaper ad, and public relations support.

You can even recoup your investment. The first $2,500 in distributor’s proceeds (which is different than gross box office) will be used to pay back your initial investment.

Church and Organizational Licenses
If neither of these options are viable, you can wait until the end of the theatrical run to be part of the Licensing program that allows churches, schools, colleges, ministries, businesses, organizations, and others use the film for public screenings. This will begin in early 2010 … keep an eye on the website for details.

Get Creative
If you have an idea that you think is viable for showing the film in your area, give us a call and let’s discuss it. Like you, our hope is that Lord Save Us comes to your town!

Feel free to contact any of us:
Jeff Martin, Executive Producer 503.750.0191
Tim Abare, Co-Executive Producer 980.328.2734
Ryan Grammatico, Film Sales 803.524.1816

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to seeing Lord Save Us in your town!




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