A Weary End to Week One

1 10 2009

Hour fourteen of what is, basically, an ordinary work day for me. Okay, I did take a dinner break, but no lunch break, so my time card is clean, Jack.

I am realizing how deep I am in now. I suppose I have been torn down to a foundation and I am building back up from there and in this process have been, “blessed” with clarity of vision. I guess that’s it. It sounds pretentious as I re-read it, but, to carelessly toss out a football metaphor, I do feel like a quarterback leading his team on a two-minute drill. The plays are unfolding in slow motion and I am seeing the field, so clearly, 360 degrees baby. The game is tough, we’re out matched, I’m tired, but I’m in the middle of something special and it’s clear what I’m supposed to do. Now I expect the game enough to know I could get blindsided by a defensive end at any moment, but I am alert and up for the challenge.

What’s really interesting, in this moment of self-reflection is that this clarity is the byproduct of surrender. When you relent and let God show you what He wants to show you, you begin to see things. For me it started with painful things about myself. When I saw these ugly things for what they were, it became a simple necessity to leave them behind. And without all that baggage blocking my vision, I began to see other things more clearly.

My heart has been broken, remolded, re-broken again and again until it sort of feels like my heart now takes up my whole torso. This process isn’t a bad one. It is a hard one, but if you get used to being on your knees with your palms pointed at the sky, it goes easier. Hah.

Getting your heart re-built isn’t the way I imagined it would be. But in retrospect, I suppose it’s a bit similar to the beautiful moment at the climax of the old cartoon “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” Remember when the Grinch sees a little loving kindness and his heart grows “three sizes too big.” Yeah, that part makes me cry every time I see it. I didn’t realize it moved me because the little girl from Whoville was demonstrating grace, but my heart sure recognized it.

I think that’s what is happening with this movie. People are recognizing something real and true—and that’s God’s grace. When we treat each other as He commands us to there is something that just seems familiar and liberating. Yeah, that whole “love one another” thing didn’t quit working just because the world decided to call itself post-modern or post-Christian or whatever.

Take one week and drop all of your “Yeah, buts…” and lead every engagement you can manage with kindness, consideration, understanding, patience, grace and love. This is THE truth that Jesus demonstrated (yeah, I’m always going to bring it back to Him). And I just figure He did it that way for a reason. So write me in a week and tell me what you find. … I’m going to seal the answer in an envelope right now because I’m pretty sure I know what you are going to find.

HINT: You are going to like it.




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