Behind the Scenes of the Today Show Interview

18 06 2010

A couple of springs ago when the Lord, Save Us From Your Followers book launched I was invited to appear on NBC’s The Today Show. Of course, I was excited by the prospect, but wasn’t so sure of what angle the show was going to take. Mind you, this was before the movie was finished and before I’d enjoyed the benefit of thousands of conversations, in April 2008 I was unsure how this whole drive for a conversation was going to be received in an Us Versus Them climate. The other specter was the standard rhetoric of the anti-Christian bias in the media. Personally, I’m not a subscriber of that position – but now I was going to put my head on the block and find out.

I had enjoyed several long pre-interview conversations with a wonderful, non-Christian producer who had really enjoyed the book but was still anxious when I learned that Matt Lauer would be interviewing me and that my segment would run in the eight o’clock hour “sweet spot”. I fully jumped into the deep end when I agreed to their request to don my “Bumpersticker Man” outfit. “Hi Mom, it’s me, Dan. Good news: I’m going to appear on The Today Show. Bad news: I’m going to look like a complete tool.”
A couple of fun side bars: the wardrobe mistress at the show was so enthused by the spirit of my effort that she spent a full half-hour doing touch up to the Bumpersticker suit. I sat in the make-up chair next to Kathy Lee-Gifford, I spent about eleven seconds in the chair…she was still there when I left. And, on the way to the studio I ran into Jack McBrayer, the Emmy nominated star of 30 Rock (Kenneth the Page) and he posed for picture with me. Loved it.

I’ll let you watch the interview with Matt and you can draw your own conclusions about media bias, his choice of questions and whether I was able to convey the message of the book and film. I will tell you that I was thrilled to be able to share my heart on national television – and that the four minutes or so went by so fast that it felt as if I was lucid dreaming. Enjoy!




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