Odd Bedfellows

5 08 2010

One of the coolest, strangest attributes of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is the diversity and range of the people enjoying it. The film doesn’t speak JUST to Christians or JUST to non-Christians – though, depending on the clique, many feel, “I love it, but I don’t think THEY will get it,” which is funny to me because that’s what everyone says.

I offer as proof a smattering of “opposites” in the media, mainstream and alternative sources, who have praised Lord Save Us From Your Followers. Hollywood insider magazines like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter praised the film for being “Admirably bold” and “Moving and Memorable” while Christian publication Christianity Today wrote “The overarching message is desperately needed and winsomely voiced. Most impressive is that this film manages to speak to two separate audiences at the same time.” The Dove Foundation offered this: “Five out of five…Life changing.” Lord Save Us has also attracted attention from major newspapers: USA Today labeled the film as “Michael Moore-meets-Monty Python. A humorous and heartfelt examination of the culture wars,” while the Los Angeles Times said it is “an effective call for greater understanding.” My media appearances have ranged from The Today Show with Matt Lauer and The Dennis Miller radio show to Praise The Lord on Trinity Broadcasting Network to Barry Lynn’s national radio show (People for the American Way). Can you say “odd bedfellows”?

I suppose this evidence further drives home the point we all have more in common than we think, we all are tired of our inability to understand and cooperate with each other to tackle some of the big problems facing our world. If you are a Christian invite a non-church person over to your house to watch the Lord Save Us DVD – if you are an atheist, invite a Christian friend…and enjoy a conversation together. Change must start somewhere. Why not with you? Why not now?




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