The conversation that the theatrical release started last fall continues as Lord, Save Us From Your Followers hits DVD, Netflix, Blockbuster and iTunes. LSU Theater Poster icon Here’s what some folks are saying about Lord Save Us :

I’m not a Christian, but I couldn’t recommend this movie more. When you take religion off the national stage and away from the saber rattling rhetoric, and get it down to the grass roots and personal level, it has a much more meaningful effect on the world around us.

I watched this movie last night with my husband. Raised in a fundamental church then cruelly cast out when I found myself unmarried and pregnant I have become very bitter towards Christianity. While I still do not consider myself a Christian, this film opened my eyes to actions I need to correct in my own life, and warmed my heart with the sincerity and good works of those truly called by God. Thank you so much!

Atheist queer here. You inspired me and my partner to volunteer and find a way to spread the love out there. Great film. Good message. I’m sure your god digs it… We did.

The Movie

If you were to meet ten average Americans on the street, nine of them would say they believe in God. So why is the Gospel of Love dividing America? LSU Theater Poster icon

Dan Merchant put on his bumper-sticker-clad jumpsuit and decided to find the reason. After talking with scores of men and women on streets all across the nation, and also interviewing many well-known activists in today’s “Culture Wars,” Dan realized that the public discussion of faith doesn’t have to be contentious.

From its opening sequence through its touching look at faith in action, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is a fast-paced, highly engaging documentary that explores the collision of faith and culture in America while opening up this important conversation to all of us.

As discussion of religion floods the media, the rhetoric is divisive, hyper, and most often, angry. With humor more common in a comedy-sketch program than a documentary, Merchant brings the sensibilities of someone who is deeply concerned with how his faith is being represented by others. Lord, Save Us provides a provocative, funny, and redemptive discussion that is sure to continue long after the credits run.

Merchant sits down for interviews with well-known people on all sides of this great divide, including best-selling author William Paul Young (The Shack), comedian/politician Al Franken, former “Religious Right” Senator Rick Santorum, noted “liberal evangelical” Tony Campolo, conservative radio host Michael Reagan, and racial reconciliation activist Dr. John Perkins.

If that’s not divergent enough, other features include Bono, Rick Warren, Bill Maher, James Dobson, George Clooney, Jerry Falwell, Stephen Colbert, Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, Lewis Black, Tony Perkins, Monty Python, and even Stewie from “Family Guy”… along with many others

Add to that the nationwide man-on-the-street interviews with “Bumper-Sticker Man,” the Culture Wars game show, the “renaming” of St. Paul to New Leningrad, and a controversial and moving “Confession Booth” at Portland’s Gay Pride celebration, and Lord, Save Us From Your Followers delves into religious hot-button issues with candor, humor, and balance.

Engaging, unpredictable, and challenging, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers will change the way you talk about faith!

The Blog

When you traverse across the country in a jumpsuit covered in bumper stickers, chances are you have a story or two to tell. Dan Merchant not only creates interesting movies like Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, but he also is one dedicated blogger. Check out his latest thoughts, along with the latest about the movie …

The Bookthebook

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
By Dan Merchant (Published by Thomas Nelson)

Why is the Gospel of Love dividing America? Author and director Dan Merchant is fed up with the angry, strident language that has come to represent the Christian faith filling the airwaves. So with a camera in one hand and a pen in the other, Dan set out to explore the collision of faith and culture in America. What is all this fighting really about?

This book is a great companion to the documentary Lord, Save Us From Your Followers and represents Dan’s two-year effort to “join the battle in hopes of getting a conversation started.” The result is a book full of offbeat observations, fun anecdotes, comedic bits, and in-depth interviews as Dan delves into all the hot-button issues with candor, humor, and balance.


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