Lord, Save Us … Coming to Theaters!

20 08 2009

<posted by Dan Merchant>

With the brand-spanking-new 35mm theatrical cut of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers debuting in theaters on September 25, it’s time to get blogging!

I’m really excited that the film will finally be released nationally and that EVERYONE can enjoy the film in a comfortable, neutral setting and on a BIG SCREEN. As a filmmaker, I totally love how the movie looks on a big screen. Also, there is nothing like watching Lord, Save Us with an audience.

Over the past year I’ve had the chance to watch the film in theaters at film festivals, with a very diverse crowd, and it has been so eye opening and affirming. To have Christians and atheists, gays and straights, young and old, Catholics and Lutherans, Quakers and Southern Baptists all watching the movie together, laughing and crying in all the same places! What? Impossible you say? Perhaps we have more in common that we’ve been willing to let on. And when the lights come up, the conversations have been positive, open, and thrilling. God is doing something through this movie and I am humbled to be a part of this wild ride.

So I look forward to seeing you out at theaters. Even if you’ve seen an earlier version of the film, you’ll definitely want to see the updated version (details in my next post). Grab a friend and take them to the movies. It doesn’t matter what church you go to … or if you don’t go to church. Same with your friend.

If Lord, Save Us is playing near you, I hope you will stop in … and join The Conversation.


Welcome to 2009

2 01 2009

Welcome to 2009

The theatrical poster for Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

The theatrical poster for Lord, Save Us From Your Followers




Well, here it is, I greet this New Year by typing my first words in the blogosphere.  So far this seems about the same as typing the words for an e-mail or book or screenplay and yet I do sense this is different some how.  I’m a tad embarrassed to be joining the Blog Party so late.  What self-respecting published author doesn’t have a blog?  What kind of guerilla marketing indie film director doesn’t use the Web to share his vision and spread the word about his latest project?  Now, in my case the project in question is Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, the acclaimed and controversial (yeah, there actually are some naysayers, so I kinda feel validated in a weird way – hah) documentary film. 


Blog protocol now guides me to share some kind of an update on said project that can only be found on the director’s blog (so far so good?).  At present we are in a number of discussions with distributors, large and small, to finally release a deluxe DVD version of the Lord, Save Us From Your Followers.  When you have to whittle 100 hours of footage into 100 minutes of movie, there are some excellent bonus features.  After two previous deals have gone sideways and left the movie in limbo, we’re excited to be close to getting the film out to the marketplace.  You can imagine my agony after watching Expelled and Religulous come and go.  2008 turns out to be the year of the religious documentary, ours in the only one that actually starts a conversation and we can’t get a wide release, but, God has some kind of plan (wish he’d let me in on it) and I am just trying to keep marching and spread this important conversation (so thanks for spreading the word on this here blog-o-mater).


The Lord, Save Us… companion book has been out in stores for several months and I am thrilled the book has been nominated by Outreach magazine for a Resource of the Year award.  Every week I see a new blogger comment on the book, so it’s cool that the book continues to chug along and am sure when the movie is finally released many more folks will discover the book.  By the way it’s available in stores everywhere, Amazon.com and our website, www.lordsaveusthemovie.com.  My wife jokes that, “If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book.”  My friend Simon Swart at Fox Home Entertainment likes the book better because “you really get to know the people”.  I tease him it’s because he read the book first and everyone knows if you read the book first you never like the movie as much.  Hah.


What else…we are in the midst of booking at Spring Tour where I’ll be screening the movie and leading a Q & A session afterwards.  I’ve done a dozen or so college events and metric tons of church events and the conversation that follows the viewing of Lord, Save Us… is so gratifying, challenging and constructive that I can’t wait to get back on the road.  The film really seems to meet people where they are at so the range of conversation is broad and always manages to be relevant.  For some of the events I’ll be joined by a terrific author Matthew Paul Turner (“churched”) and awesome Nashville musician Scott Phillips, so if you’d like to invite the Lord, Save Us Tour to your school or church or theater or clubhouse or backyard, visit www.lordsaveusthetour.com or e-mail me at dan@lordsaveus.net.


Lastly, and this is the most asked question, “Where can I get the movie?”  Well, while we’re finalizing our distribution deal, we’ve decided to sell the “Movement Edition” of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers on our site.  This is the same version of the film that has been playing in theaters, churches and colleges around the country.  And if you’ve purchased the film at one of these events, we are finally going to sell it at www.lordsaveusthemovie.com.  On upcoming blogs I’m looking forward to sharing stories of my continuing adventures with Lord, Save Us… and new projects.  Thanks for welcoming me into the blogosphere, I’ll do my best to entertain, illuminate, provoke and cajole with a minimum of inanity, ego, verbosity and “Internet spelling”. 


Send your comments and thoughts and please let your friends know that the “idiot in that Bumper sticker suit from that movie you’ve heard about but haven’t seen because it’s not out yet” finally has a Blog.  Oh, and come be my Facebook friend and join the Lord Save Us Group on Facebook too.  Okay, is there anything else I should be doing with this stuff?  Come on Web Heads, bring me up to speed.


All the best,