Dan Merchant … Cultural Diplomat

22 08 2009

<Posted by Lord Save Us>

Dan Merchant. You know him as the bumper-sticker-clad, jumpsuit-wearing host and director of the new documentary film Lord, Save Us From Your Followers—which opens in select theaters beginning September 25.

What you may not know is that Dan is much more than that. Yes, Dan Merchant is a Cultural Diplomat. In fact, he is the inaugural Cultural Diplomat, according to this story.

The story quotes CeaseFireStrategies’ founder Eric Bumpus, who recently announced that Dan was selected for this honor by a panel of judges.

“CeaseFireStrategies wishes to congratulate Dan Merchant, for his film ‘Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, as the inaugural recipient of the Cultural Diplomat award for 2008,” Bumpus said. “As the film continues to gain ground and find success (including a theatrical release starting September 25), CFS is honored to present Dan with this award.”

Bumpus added: “Seeking to find the answer to the question, ‘Why is the Gospel of love dividing America?’ will be a defining moment for the direction of US culture and an issue that CFS is proud to recognize as ‘Diplomacy in action’.”

Congratulations Diplomat Dan!