New and Improved Final Cut

21 08 2009

<posted by Dan Merchant>

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is finally coming to the big screen at selected theaters beginning September 25. That’s great news for the majority of you that have not yet seen this film.

But what about those of you who have already been to an advanced screening, a college or church event, or perhaps received this movie from a loved one? Are you thinking, been there, seen that?

Well, let me spill the beans on what you’ll see new based on the tweaks in the new theatrical edition of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. First off, the film will be projected in 35mm. Yep, just like a real movie. Hah!

I’ve also made a few judicial edits in the God and Politics section to include the election of President Barack Obama, and to place President George W. Bush’s contributions to the conversation in an historical context.

There is also the addition of a bonus interview featuring Wm. Paul Young, the author of the runaway bestselling book, The Shack. That interview weaves its way into the fabric of the movie in a couple of spots—but it feels like he’s been there all along.

We have added a new graphics bit that pays homage to the ongoing struggle to get along with each other. This features updates on Pastor Rick Warren, President Obama, Miss California, and Al Franken. There are also a few new little bits and jokes that you may or may not pick up on, but I will be laughing at because they’re HILARIOUS (he said humbly).

Musically, we’ve added a snippet of a wonderful song by Nashville artist Evie Nicole called “The Pope Song.” This is featured, you guessed it, during the segment on Pope John Paul II. Also, I’m thrilled to announce we’ve secured use of the new single by EMI-CMG artist SAMM, “We Are All the Same,” for the end credit music. That music video is now on our website and on YouTube.

And be sure to follow the movie at It’s a great tool for keeping the conversation going …